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Kudos to David Woodham who is taking video of Entire Entertainment Under the Stars concerts!! Click for: The Entertainment Under the Stars series just ended, but weekly Northview concerts start this Sunday (7/30)! Also Bronson concerts will be starting soon. Please be patient as I try to punch all the info in - check back frequently for updates!

A special thank you to Dickman Yee, the Coldwater Chamber, and all those others taking videos of the concerts last/this summer. The videos page with links to those and other concert videos is now quite large!

Benedict's Steakhouse is still closed - probably permanently, unless it can be sold and a new owner revive it and the live music.

Older news: Stingers Grill & Bar is now Matteson Street Grill. Bob's Guitars Plus closed in the spring. The Stratospheres debuted at a fundraiser at Northwoods Dec. 12th but, to my knowledge, have not yet been rebooked.


  U P C O M I N G   E V E N T S :

Date Time Performer(s) Event More Info
Friday, August 18 8pm Delbert Walling & Haley Houtz JT's Event details
Saturday, August 19 9:30am-11:30am? John Vargo The Corner Farmers' Market Live Entertainment Event details
Saturday, August 19 8:30pm The Hipposonics JT's Event details
Sunday, August 20 6pm The Dog Bone Blues Band JT's Event details
Friday, August 25 8:30pm Bittersweet Nites JT's Event details
Saturday, August 26 9:30am-11:30am? Bob Pogue The Corner Farmers' Market Live Entertainment Event details
Saturday, August 26 8:30pm Loose Grip JT's Event details
Thursday, August 31 7pm The Jim Stout Band Quincy Thursday Evening in the Park Event details
Saturday, September 02 9:30am-11:30am? Jacob Mayer The Corner Farmers' Market Live Entertainment Event details
Saturday, September 09 9:30am-11:30am? Scotty Butters The Corner Farmers' Market Live Entertainment Event details
Saturday, October 07 8pm-11pm The Jim Stout Band JT's Event details
Saturday, December 02 8pm-11pm The Jim Stout Band JT's Event details

This list of "local" bands is difficult to compile as many bands don't have websites and/or don't list where they are from; some bands are made up of musicians from different counties, etc. Also some musicians have different billings (e.g., Jim Dove performing solo OR in the Smokin' Blues Band). There are lots of ways to jam! Anyway, here it is...
The Back Up Band
Branch County Community Band
Branch County Community Chorus
Bittersweet Nites
Louis Bryant
Evan Burgess
Scotty Butters
Coldwater First Baptist Church Praise Band
Coldwater Free Methodist Church Praise Band
Brent Cole (with Roger Roberts)
Zelda Cornwell (and Sons, or with Chris Pierce)
The Daybreak Trio
The Double Cross'd Band
Jim Dove (with Heather Hughes, Roger Roberts)
The Frozen Triangles
Addison Gaff & Nancy Ulrich
Russell Gates
The Girard United Methodist Church Praise Band
The Golden Country Classic Band
Los Guerreros de la Sierra
Those Three Guys
Cate Haberl
Randall Hazelbaker (with Russel Gates or Trio)
Dan Hefner
Monica Jane Hoelscher (with Wes Sayer)
Heather Hughes
Kevin and Lloyd
Lexi and Matt Galliers
Lovey Howl
Megan Young & Maria Hostetler
Jacob Mayer
The Moon Howler Band
Reggae Lou / ReggaeLoution
Remembering Yesterday
Rhythm Squared
Davy Rockett
Roy Cole Country Rock
Shades of Grey
Shattered Innocence
The Shining Son Band
The Smokin' Blues Band
The Southern Edge Band
Steve Cornwell & the Gang
The St. Mark's Church Praise Band
The Jim Stout Band
The St. Paul Praise & Worship Team
The Stratospheres
The Coldwater Sweet Adelines
Sweet Brown
Tres Amigos
Allie Van Stone
The Vigilante Justice Band
Delbert Walling (with Haley Houtz, Cate Haberl, Singing Showcase, etc.)
Aaron Wood
The World Harvest Praise Band


Bronson, MI

Coldwater, MI

Quincy, MI

Tekonsha, MI (Calhoun County)











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