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Shades of Grey - 7/29/2014 Concert

Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey was founded in Michigan and featured both local and far away people. Through 2017, the band got together once a year for a Reunion Concert exclusively at Coldwater's Entertainment Under the Stars July concert series (usually the last one). Each year the song lineup was completely different, featuring a variety of tunes from the 60s and 70s. The heart of the band was Lead singer Jeff McGinnis, who sadly passed away on May 8, 2017. The band got back together for one last - and very emotional - tribute concert on July 25, 2017. The band is now officially retired.

Band members:

  • Chris Edwards - Lead guitar - founder of the group - Warrenton, VA
  • Tom Puyear - Organ - Holt, MI
  • Jim Voss - Drums - Coldwater, MI
  • Jeff McGinnis - Lead Vocals - Battle Creek, MI
  • Hank Horton - Bass - Lansing, MI
  • Nick Lilak - Rhythm Guitar - Bloomington, IL
  • Jon Voss - (second generation) - Drums - Dexter, MI
The band was very active from 1968 until about 1986, fluxuating between 3 and 6 members.

Facebook members only can click here for a special photo album of the 2014 concert. And, click here for 2013.

Click here for a posed photo of the band as a promo for the 2016 concert.


  E V E N T   S C H E D U L E :

Date Time Event More Info
07/25/17 7pm Entertainment Under the Stars Facebook event
07/26/16 7pm Entertainment Under the Stars Post-event video
07/28/15 7pm Entertainment Under the Stars Event details
07/29/14 7pm-8:30pm Entertainment Under the Stars Post-event video
07/30/13 7pm-8:30pm Entertainment Under the Stars Post-event video

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