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The Hubie Ashcraft Trio

The Hubie Ashcraft Trio

Hubie Ashcraft of Fort Wayne, IN is a Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Entertainer. Ashcraft is widely known for playing energetic live shows that include elements of Rock, Americana, and Country all infused with pop sensibilities, authentic lyrics, and soul. In addition to playing electric guitar, Ashcraft also has two years of classical guitar training.

Hubie typically performs as a band trio with Missy Burgess and Travis Gow.

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  E V E N T   S C H E D U L E :

Date Time Event More Info
07/12/24 8pm Kick'N Kountry Event details
05/03/24 7pm Bent Prop Pub Flyer
02/02/24 8pm Kick'N Kountry Flyer
11/17/23 8pm-11pm Bent Prop Pub Facebook event
09/22/23 8pm-11pm Bent Prop Pub Flyer
08/17/23 7pm Bent Prop Pub Facebook event
02/17/23 8pm Bent Prop Pub Facebook event
12/10/21 7pm Two Bandits Evening Live Music Flyer

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