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The Orphans

The Orphans

Description not yet submitted.

Please help! No information is known about this band other than that they will be performing between Christmas and New Year's at the Lamp. Click on the Email link farther below if you can help by providing more info... thanks!


  E V E N T   S C H E D U L E :

Date Time Event More Info
Friday, July 26 7pm-11pm Eagle Hall Flyer
06/29/19 7pm-9pm Lamp Lighter Bar & Grill Flyer
06/01/19 7pm-9pm Lamp Lighter Bar & Grill Flyer
05/31/19 7pm-11pm Eagle Hall Event details
04/26/19 7pm-11pm Eagle Hall Flyer
04/06/19 7pm-10pm Lamp Lighter Bar & Grill Facebook event
03/09/19 7pm-10pm Coldwater Moose #677 Facebook event
12/29/18 7pm-9pm Lamp Lighter Bar & Grill Flyer

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