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Quincy Daze

Quincy Daze

"Quincy Daze" (temporarily known as Quincy Main Street Festival from 2018 to 2021) is an umbrella term for a bunch of events during a 4-day period in Quincy, Michigan, which includes a car show, an arts & crafts show, a cornhole tournament, live music, and lots more. The Thursday evening concert in the park immediately before the Quincy Daze weekend officially kicks off Quincy Daze.

Concerts are held at different locations, so please click on the link in the "More Info" column below to find the location of each concert!


  E V E N T   S C H E D U L E :

Date Time Performer(s) More Info
08/26/23 7pm-10:45pm Bernadette Kathryn & the Lonely Days Band Flyer
08/26/23 3:30pm-6:30pm The Swift Brothers Flyer
08/25/23 7pm-10pm The Bulldogs Flyer
08/24/23 7:30pm-9pm The County Line Band Flyer
08/27/22 7pm-10:45pm The Jessie Campbell Band Flyer
08/27/22 3:30pm-6:30pm Keegan Farrell Flyer
08/26/22 8pm-11pm The Bulldogs Flyer
08/25/22 6pm-8pm The County Line Band Flyer
08/24/19 8pm-11pm Lovey Howl Flyer
08/24/19 5pm-7pm Nick Cronk Flyer
08/24/19 1pm-4pm The Madison Avenue Band Facebook event
08/24/19 10am-noon Adam Strack Flyer
08/23/19 8pm-11pm The Bulldogs Flyer
08/25/18 8pm-11pm Big Caddy Daddy Event details
08/25/18 5pm-7pm Evan Burgess Event details
08/25/18 1pm-4pm A Brighter Bloom Event details
08/25/18 9am-noon Dani Jamerson Event details
08/24/18 8pm-11pm The Bulldogs Event details
08/23/18 4pm-6pm Nick Cronk Event details
08/26/17 8pm-11pm Hairmania Flyer
08/26/17 5pm-7pm Jake Kershaw Flyer
08/26/17 1pm-4pm The Band of Tara Flyer
08/25/17 8pm-11pm The Bulldogs Flyer
08/27/16 8pm-11pm Those Three Guys Event details
08/27/16 1pm-3pm Jim Dove Post-event video
08/27/16 9am-noon Dani Jamerson Post-event photo
08/26/16 8pm-11pm The Bulldogs Post-event video
08/22/15 1pm-3pm Scotty Butters Event details
08/22/15 9am-noon The Jim Stout Band Event details
08/21/15 7pm-11pm Mystimeanor Flyer
08/23/14 7pm-11pm The Metros of Irish Hills Event details
08/23/14 10am-1pm The Jim Stout Band Event details
08/22/14 7pm-11pm Mystimeanor Event details
08/17/13 7pm-11pm Lovey Howl Event details
08/17/13 2pm-4pm Jacob Mayer Event details
08/17/13 noon-5pm Mello Productions Event details
08/17/13 10am The Haskells Event details
08/16/13 7pm-11pm The Dance Floor Freaks Event details

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