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Downtown Art Walk

Downtown Art Walk

Arts Alive, located in Coldwater, Michigan, is an organization that celebrates artists and those who appreciate the arts. Twice a year, Arts Alive, along with the Coldwater Chamber of Commerce, sponsors an Art Walk in downtown Coldwater.

The spring art walk is in either May or June. The fall art walk is in either October or November.

In addition to paintings, photography, and other kinds of art, local musicians are featured (often with guitars). The schedule below shows the musicians with guitars.

2016 SPRING ART WALK post-event photos at: this Facebook link.


  E V E N T   S C H E D U L E :

Date Time Performer(s) Perforing At More Info
07/11/20 6pm-10pm The Usual Suspects Broadway Grille Event details
06/08/18 8pm-10pm The Dog Bone Blues Band   Post-event video
10/13/17 5pm-8:30pm Russell Gates Museum Gallery Flyer
10/13/17 5pm-8:30pm Delbert Walling & Cate Haberl   Flyer
10/13/17 5pm-8:30pm Charlie Detlof Jim's Place Flyer
06/09/17 5pm-8:30pm Randall Hazelbaker Jim's Place Flyer
06/09/17 5pm-8:30pm John Vargo   Post-event photo
06/09/17 5pm-8pm David Hemker American Dreams Italian Steakhouse - CLOSED Post-event photo
06/09/17 5pm-8:30pm Charlie Detlof Kiess Jewelry Post-event photo
10/14/16 5pm-8pm Sage Shemel's Carpet & Interiors Event details
10/14/16 5pm-8pm Russell Gates Museum Gallery Event details
10/14/16 5pm-8pm Randall Hazelbaker Jungle Pets, LLC Event details
10/14/16 5pm-8pm Cate Haberl Integrity Apparel Event details
10/14/16 5pm-8pm Addison Gaff & Nancy Ulrich Jim's Place Event details
06/10/16 5pm-8pm The St. Joe River Boys Haas Caywood, PC Flyer
06/10/16 5pm-8pm The Musolff Family Singers   Flyer
06/10/16 5pm-8pm Shaneen Jim's Place Flyer
06/10/16 5pm-8pm Russell Gates   Event details
06/10/16 5pm-8pm Rhythm Squared Children's Museum of Branch County - MOVED Flyer
06/10/16 5pm-8pm Davy Rockett Tilted Tulip Florist Flyer
06/12/15 5pm-8pm The Moon Howler Band   Event details
06/12/15 5pm-8pm Randall Hazelbaker   Event details
06/12/15 5pm-8pm Davy Rockett   Event details
06/12/15 5pm-8pm Allie Van Stone   Event details
06/12/15 5pm-8pm Aaron Wood   Event details
11/14/14 5pm-8pm Megan Young & Maria Hostetler Children's Museum of Branch County - MOVED Post-event photo

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