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Chicago St. Pub Special Evening Live Entertainment

Chicago St. Pub Special Evening Live Entertainment

On occasional special evenings, live entertainment is offered. NOTE: This seems to be a new initiative for 2017. Two bands are often featured. In that case, it is not explicitly stated in the Facebook event which band will play first and what time the second band plays. **PAID TICKETS MAY BE REQUIRED**

(Additional info not yet submitted.)

Location: Chicago St. Pub


  E V E N T   S C H E D U L E :

Date Time Performer(s) More Info
Saturday, September 19 9:30pm-11pm Meccabone Facebook event
Saturday, September 19 8:15pm-9:30pm Seven Past Sunset Facebook event
Saturday, September 19 7pm-8:15pm Sponge Facebook event
10/19/19 8pm-11pm Hairmania Facebook event
04/06/19 5pm-midnight Sponge Facebook event
03/23/19 8:30pm-11:30pm Meccabone Facebook event
03/02/19 8pm-11pm Various Artists Facebook event
10/05/18 8pm-2am Various Artists Facebook event
06/02/18 8pm-11pm Shattered Innocence Facebook event
04/27/18 7pm-11:30pm Hairmania Facebook event
04/14/18 7pm-11pm Meccabone Facebook event
03/10/18 10pm-1am Sponge Facebook event
03/10/18 9pm Hollowstar Facebook event
03/10/18 7pm Meccabone Facebook event
12/02/17 8pm-11pm The Dale Vaughn Band Facebook event
04/29/17 8pm-11:30pm Sponge Facebook event
03/18/17 8pm The Dale Vaughn Band Facebook event
03/11/17 10pm Kaleido Facebook event
03/11/17 9pm Hollowstar Facebook event
03/11/17 8pm Meccabone Facebook event
03/10/17 10pm Blacklite District Facebook event
03/10/17 9pm Stereo Story Facebook event
03/10/17 8pm Blazing Autumn Facebook event

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