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The Great Hospice Duck Race 2014 Event Photos

The Great Hospice Duck Race Live Entertainment

The Coldwater Community Health Center's Great Hospice Duck Race is held to create a greater awareness of Hospice, earn additional funding for the program, and promote those businesses and individuals who have and continue to support the Hospice program. All proceeds from the race go to support patient and volunteer service programs.

In addition to the main duck race, there are games, food, and other activities for all ages. Live entertainment is donated each year by the Jim Stout Band.

Click here to view the 2014 duck race events schedule.
Click here to view the 2015 duck race events schedule.


  E V E N T   S C H E D U L E :

Date Time Performer(s) More Info
06/03/17 10am-1pm The Jim Stout Band Event details
06/04/16 10:15am-1:10pm The Jim Stout Band  
06/06/15 10:15am-1:10pm The Jim Stout Band Flyer
06/07/14 10:15am The Jim Stout Band Post-event video

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