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Hops on Monroe

Hops on Monroe

Hops on Monroe is a late Summer weekly beer garden featuring Michigan craft brews, rotating food trucks, and live entertainment. A typical crowd is 500 to 700 people! Bring your friends and family and join us in Downtown Coldwater, MI on S. Monroe Street.

Ironically, the event was started in the midst of the Covid restrictions in 2020 and was still successful. It has only grown from then. Live entertainment is now featured (see event schedule).

Hops on Monroe is from 5pm to 9pm on Thursday nights. Dates are as follows:

Click here for the official Facebook page of Hops on Monroe.


  E V E N T   S C H E D U L E :

Date Time Performer(s) More Info
Thursday, August 29 5pm Scotty Butters Event details
Thursday, August 22 5pm Back Porch Flyer
Thursday, August 15 5pm Delbert Walling Flyer
Thursday, August 08 5pm Jim Weber and Erica Lee Flyer
Thursday, August 01 5pm Chris Robison Peforms Flyer
07/18/24 5pm Scotty Butters Event details
07/18/24 5pm Scotty Butters Flyer
06/27/24 5pm Aaron Wood Flyer
06/25/24 5pm Dan Smyth Flyer
06/20/24 5pm Jake Mellema Flyer
06/11/24 5pm Ross Kinsey Flyer
08/31/23 5pm-9pm Tara Renee Facebook event
08/24/23 5pm-9pm Dan Smyth Facebook event
08/17/23 5pm-9pm Aaron Wood Facebook event
08/10/23 5pm-9pm Chris Robison Peforms Facebook event
08/03/23 5pm-9pm Abby Somerlott Facebook event
07/27/23 5pm-9pm Scotty Butters Facebook event
07/20/23 5pm-9pm Josh Ayers Facebook event
07/13/23 5pm-9pm Ross Kinsey Facebook event
07/06/23 5pm-9pm Mike Dougherty Facebook event
06/29/23 5pm-9pm Jake Mellema Facebook event
08/25/22 5pm-9pm Jim Weber and Erica Lee Flyer
08/11/22 5pm-9pm Mike Dougherty Flyer
08/04/22 8pm-9pm Delbert Walling And Julia Kirk Flyer
08/04/22 7pm-8pm Delbert Walling & Megan Tappenden Flyer
08/04/22 5pm-7pm Delbert Walling & Haley Houtz Post-event video
07/28/22 5pm-9pm Jim Dove Flyer
07/21/22 5pm-9pm Jacob Mayer Event details
07/22/21 5pm-9pm Deuces Post-event video
07/15/21 5pm-9pm Jacob Mayer Post-event video
07/08/21 5pm-9pm Mike Dougherty Post-event video

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