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Marshall Blues Festival

Marshall Blues Festival

The Marshall Blues Festival is a free music and entertainment festival sponsored by Marshall Main Street. According to their website, it is "family oriented." However, younger children may not enjoy the extra loud music and outdoor beer tents. We have found that the festival can be divided into two parts. The early part, in the late morning and early afternoon, is when all the downtown shops are open with specials and lots of families are going up and down the streets. This is before any heavy partying has started. Around 2:30pm live music starts in the beer tent, and then the main stage fires up around 3:30pm, thus kicking off the later part. However you can hear some really awesome blues music during this part (smaller acts first, followed by bigger acts through the evening and night).

Click here for the official web site of the Marshall Blues Festival.


  E V E N T   S C H E D U L E :

Date Time Performer(s) More Info
07/19/14 3:30pm Two Piano Guys  

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