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Bronson Polish Festival Featured Concert

Bronson Polish Festival Featured Concert

Bronson's Annual Polish Festival Days features a wide variety of events at several locations. There is typically a "featured concert", as well as periphery gigs at the Strike Zone and Smitty's Pizza which are loosely part of the festival when held during the same weekend (check those schedules OR the main B.A.G. schedule ).


  • 2023: Downtown Gazebo
  • 2022: Downtown Gazebo
  • 2018: Memorial Park
  • 2017: Newly Renovated Memorial Park
  • 2016: Wayne Street Parking Lot


  E V E N T   S C H E D U L E :

Date Time Performer(s) More Info
07/21/23 2pm-7pm Jacob Mayer Event details
07/22/22 2pm-7pm Jacob Mayer Flyer
07/20/18 6pm-9pm Dani and Garrett Jamerson Flyer
07/21/17 6pm-8pm Delbert Walling & Haley Houtz Event details
07/23/16 8pm The Double Cross'd Band Post-event video

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