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Delbert Walling entertains at Applefest 2013 at the Coach Eby Center

Applefest Live Entertainment

You'll find apples galore and a whole lot more at this family-friendly festival (since 1988) which brings people together to celebrate the harvest. The downtown streets fill with hundreds of vendors selling hand-crafted products, unique artwork, deep fried donuts, apple pie, other baked goods, produce, apples, cider, and more. In addition, businesses hold lots of sales, restaurants and vendors offer food to please every tastebud, and visitors are entertained by live music. Children won't want to miss the Kid Zone area with a bouncy house and other activities for all ages to enjoy. There's lots of free parking throughout downtown. Come join the fun!

NEW STAGE LOCATION: Southwest corner of four corners!



Starting in 2017, the Strawberryfest and Applefest have reverted to a simplified format with a single live entertainment stage and show.


  E V E N T   S C H E D U L E :

Date Time Performer(s) More Info
09/16/23 2:30pm-3pm Delbert Walling & Jim Knisely Flyer
09/16/23 12:35pm-2:25pm Del& Friends Singing Showcase Flyer
09/16/23 11:05am-11:25am Delbert Walling & Haley Houtz Flyer
09/16/23 9:10am-11:05am Del& Friends Singing Showcase Flyer
09/17/22 10:30am-3pm Del& Friends Singing Showcase Flyer
09/15/18 12:20pm-1pm Abby Somerlott Event details
09/15/18 11:35am-12:20pm Delbert Walling & Cate Haberl Event details
09/15/18 11:30am Semis Passing Semis Event details
09/15/18 11am-11:30am Delbert Walling & Haley Houtz Event details
09/15/18 10am-4pm Russell Gates Event details
09/16/17 noon-2pm Del& Friends Singing Showcase Event details
09/16/17 11am-noon Delbert Walling & Cate Haberl Post-event video
09/17/16 8pm-11pm The Toppermost Beatles Tribute Band Event details
09/17/16 4:30pm-7:30pm The Hipposonics Post-event video
09/17/16 1:30pm-4pm Dani Jamerson Event details
09/17/16 10am-2pm Del& Friends Singing Showcase Event details
09/19/15 2:30pm Zelda Cornwell & Chris Pierce Event details
09/19/15 1:45pm-4pm Sage Flyer
09/19/15 11am-2:30pm Russell Gates Event details
09/19/15 11am-2pm Del& Friends Singing Showcase Event details
09/19/15 10:15am Shaneen Post-event video
09/19/15 9:30am Branch County Community Chorus Post-event video
09/19/15 9am-noon Jacob Mayer Flyer
09/20/14 11am-2pm Del& Friends Singing Showcase Event details

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