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A large crowd watches the live entertainment at Strawberryfest 2015 at the Four Corners (east) stage

Strawberryfest Live Entertainment

Each spring, the Coldwater Strawberryfest (now hosted by the Chamber of Commerce) features 120 vendors who line the downtown streets selling arts, crafts and of course… strawberries! The festival is very popular each year, and also features food, crafts, games, and live entertainment.


  • No rock band
  • Delbert Walling Singer Showcase now at southwest corner of Four Corners


Starting in 2017, the Strawberryfest and Applefest have reverted to a simplified format with a single live entertainment stage and show.


  E V E N T   S C H E D U L E :

Date Time Performer(s) More Info
06/15/24 10:30am-2pm Russell Gates Event details
06/15/24 9am-2pm Del& Friends Singing Showcase Flyer
06/17/23 2:55pm-3:20pm Delbert Walling & Megan Tappenden Post-event video
06/17/23 10:30am-2:50pm Del& Friends Singing Showcase Flyer
06/18/22 11am-2pm Del& Friends Singing Showcase Flyer
06/19/21 11:10am-1pm Del& Friends Singing Showcase Flyer
06/19/21 11am-3pm Russell Gates Flyer
06/19/21 10:30am-11am Delbert Walling & Haley Houtz Flyer
06/22/19 11am-1pm Delbert Walling & Cate Haberl Event details
06/22/19 10:30am-3:30pm Russell Gates Flyer
06/16/18 12:40pm-1:30pm Delbert Walling And Maria Hostetler Flyer
06/16/18 noon-12:40pm Paige Roussey Flyer
06/16/18 11am-noon Delbert Walling & Cate Haberl Flyer
06/16/18 10am-4pm Russell Gates Flyer
06/17/17 1:35pm-2:10pm Delbert Walling & Haley Houtz Event details
06/17/17 11:40am-1:35pm Del& Friends Singing Showcase Event details
06/17/17 11am-11:40am Delbert Walling & Cate Haberl Post-event video
06/18/16 2:45pm Zelda Cornwell & Chris Pierce Event details
06/18/16 1pm-4pm Sage Post-event video
06/18/16 noon Shaneen Event details
06/18/16 11am-2pm? Russell Gates Post-event video
06/18/16 10:45am-2:30pm Del& Friends Singing Showcase Post-event video
06/18/16 10am Rhythm Squared Event details
06/18/16 9am Jacob Mayer Event details
06/20/15 3pm Rhythm Squared Event details
06/20/15 1:30pm-4:15pm Sage Post-event video
06/20/15 11am-2pm Del& Friends Singing Showcase Event details
06/21/14 1pm-2pm Randall Hazelbaker Flyer
06/21/14 10am-2pm Del& Friends Singing Showcase  

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